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Agile tool

Agilemanager is a web-based tool written on PHP and the tool is under active development (latest release: April 2012). It is quite feature rich and allows to create products, projects, iterations, themes and user stories, has time tracking, burn down chart, iteration planning, some people allocations management. It works pretty fast.


- Tracking how work develops over time.    
    - Learn what the development of finished and requested work is. 
    - Show how much work is in progress and blocked.

- Maintaining your backlog:
    - Prioritization of backlog.
    - Backlog items can be categorized.
    - Editing of backlog items is fast.
    - Acceptance criteria and comments can be added to backlog items.

- Support for iterations:
    - Measure iteration velocity.
    - Iteration burn down graph.
    - Maintaining status of items in the current iteration.

- Forecast when work will be done using the measured velocity.

- Export and import all your valuable data (xml format).

- Maintaining multiple users and projects