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Every new business venture needs to arm itself with some weapons. And in today's internet savvy world, SEO is the biggest possible weapon a new business could ask for. A website is the primary and most effective means to get to a prospective customer. We at Vegaa, know how to use SEO as a tool to your best possible advantage and guarantee you the highest possible return on investment that you could hope for. Our experience and expertise will help your business/company reach the highest search engine rankings, which itself means great business opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization and its related work is a vast area with very many variations. A thorough knowledge of the different options available to you is important. This is why outsourcing the need to an expert such as Vegaa is your best bet.

Why you should invest in organic SEO services:

  • Research has proved that more than 85% of the website traffic that you have got comes in through search engines. This proves that SEO ranking has a direct impact on the returns that your company has. If your website does not have enough traffic, it only means that you are not making the best of the resources that you have.

  • Research has also shown that organic ranking of the keywords shows the highest return on investments. Vegaa has the resources to ensure that you are a step ahead of competition in this aspect.

Some of the basic SEO needs your company has that we provide are:

  • Analysis of the Content: Content in the website is very important for good SEO ranking. Writing and formatting it perfectly is the first step in garnering a high SEO ranking. We analyze the text and our SEO experts ensure that the content is precise, informative and SEO-friendly.

  • Aim for Keywords: In SEO, it is important to find and target the keywords that are specific for that particular business. This should be done by a professional who will ensure that all the keywords are found and targeted.

  • Submit reviews: Your work is not just limited to your website or content. Reviews needs to be uploaded to other popular forums as well to increase the visibility of the product. These reviews have to be tailor-made to increase the SEO ranking of the product as well.

  • Blog: As an online marketing company, one of our biggest tasks is to be as link-building as we can. One of the ways to do just this is to have a blog (either by in-house employees or professional writers) and keep uploading new information in it.

  • Bookmark: Visibility means increased frequency. It also means that you should be seen in all the right and popular places. Bookmarking your site in popular sites and forums is the way to go.

  • Meta tags: Meta tile descriptions and meta tags are an additional step that you can take to increase your visibility.

  • Submit articles: We write and submit content-based articles to different directories to increase your product visibility. Every article is aimed at the prospective customer audience and is written to increase your brand.

  • Submission of sitemap: Submitting the sitemap on Google and checking the various aspects of it using tools such as Google webmaster is also done by us.

Every step is an important step and only a professional recognizes this. The experts at Vegaa, with their experience and expertise, will give you the best desired results.

Why Vegaa?

  • We guarantee high customer satisfaction. This literally means the best desired results in the form of the highest possible return on investment.

  • We have a customer based approach to work, in which the client along his needs and vision for business, is ranked as topmost priority.

  • Open communication channels, always. The client is always kept in the loop and inputs are constantly taken from him, every step of the way.

  • We guarantee results and we deliver, always.

  • Having been in this field for as long as we have, we have a high reputation for our services. We aim to always uphold this reputation and deliver services that are of global standard.

  • Our aim is to continue to give the best possible options to clients, understanding their specific needs, depending on what is suitable for their business.

  • Our code of ethics ensures high quality and standard in every aspect of customer service.

  • Every project is equally important to us and we always give our best regardless of the economics of the project.